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Flowers on Wood

Academic Coursework

Below are various projects, presentations, and assignments completed during my time at UC Davis. Coursework showcased is included from Clinical Nutrition, Foodservice Management, Community Nutrition, and more.

Clinical Nutrition

In my clinical nutrition work, I analyze biochemical and physiological bases for various patients and plan therapeutic diets for normal and pathological conditions. This course utilizes ADIME in a clinical setting.

Foodservice Management

In my foodservice management work, I utilize the principles of quantity food production management: production schedules, portion control, financial management, layout and equipment planning, evaluation of alternative systems, and computer applications.

Other Academic Works

Other academic works come from a variety of courses that have been meaningful to me and my journey such as community nutrition, neurophysiology, biopsychology, and cell and molecular biology.


This scholarship has allowed me to receive a well-rounded, interdisciplinary education, develop critical thinking and communication skills, gain experience as a Healthy Aggies Intern, and obtain much of the knowledge necessary for the field I intend to pursue.

  • College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean’s Honor List

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